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My lief dearling,

'Tis mickle mirž werewiž J am penning žis pi∫tle vnto žee, for at long la∫t haue mine eyes lit vpon žee, že faire∫t cheer 'yond matches, anew, be it eižer an yble∫t or becur∫t hap. Jn ∫o doing a wonder-∫tricken witting had yfallen to vnbo∫oming an er∫t afear'd trož, namely žat my yearnings after žee haue abiden ∫teadfa∫t and ay-youžful. J hereupon, wižouten care of gain∫aying, dare word, whil∫t begazing žy comely leer, žat fullheart'd art žou beloued of me.

Wo! already am J ware, owing žeeward heap-meal wiž žanking for že ∫hrift of žy mi∫deeds, of že naked ∫oož žat J haue been cro∫t in žy loue, which, J mote aknow, was a bitter keen ∫haft in že mid∫t of my brea∫t at one ∫wift ∫woop. How∫oeuer že wellaways worž že ye∫ter-tidings nažele∫s, a ne'er-afore-met kindne∫s haž bedwelt my weeping wound, and ouer head and ears clouen žorouȝ že brookways of my blood.Vpon ∫o doing, not onely haž it alate heal'd vp žat ∫ore but it haž ∫oot teen'd eft∫iže že ki∫s-hungry fire-tongues of my li∫t žat haue lickt off all my ∫lim'd ∫orrows eke. Heiȝday! Freya, ž' almiȝty true-loue-yielder, haž beblo∫∫om'd euery one of my to-morns. Lo! mine hopes as culuers on liže wings haue flutter'd hiȝ-rauȝt to že welkin whence algate dow my brow-∫tars eye žee že broadne∫s of žou∫ands of miles nouȝtwiž∫tanding. Plea∫e and prižee, let not žy∫elf ∫ink  into že tearling-welling  ∫louȝ of lonedom, ∫iž žine heart is ydrawn niȝ vnto many a one's and ožer∫ome's, yfere wiž one of žy yearners' who∫e žouȝts žou now cann'∫t a∫well wižin že∫e tway leaues.Yea , for all žat wide dož an acold-∫eeming farne∫s yawn betwixt us, že žinehood in my cock-crowen mind haž yet won to ∫tay warm and fre∫h. Beneaž že mantle of ∫oožfa∫tne∫s long haue J been bažing in ž' afterglow of loue-longing žat žou had put'∫t to že lu∫tful brand in že days of yore, že which liȝts haue yet been leaping afire to feel že twine of žine arms: a queming bal∫am to my ∫oul. Euery ∫ele wherein my ca∫t hapwi∫e žrowež at žee, garrež me foreweet žat 'tis že very weird for my ringle∫s hand to be foreuermore yhent by žine: behold! žat burd-alone brimland ygirt by že moongleam'd whale-roads žat, žrong'd wiž honey'd mermaiden-∫ongs (whižer harkening is ∫icker bebondmaning), ∫ilken ∫trokt že butteri∫h ∫and-∫trand.When∫oeuer J be∫tride my wayfaring brain: že touȝe∫t flying ∫teed, mornward we prick on že back of že firmament vnto Georgia whereat in hailing ∫tead of žy ∫iȝt he ∫tintež žat žou be∫it him ∫triddlings in že ∫addle, tiȝt ahind me, and greediwi∫e fažom my che∫t. Žereafter žwart že waues of after-time že fliȝt ∫hall be lengžening to ž' vtmo∫t and cloud-capt ∫euen ∫tars whižer off we ∫hall fleet ∫o far from že heauen-mark žat none ∫hall haue ∫een vs. Žo in žat ∫heen yonder nobbut žou ∫halt že tone wiȝt who may grope že gem of my cleanne∫s (which haž out-∫hone one∫core wintertides)  and clo∫e her lips vpon mine žat že gate of žy ∫cop-quicking lauȝter inn mine, and žence že breaž of our being nim root to-gežer, cropping ∫appy bližene∫s vpon žou and J, and belike a youngling whom we ∫hould fo∫ter glad and fain. O! J would žat all že fore∫aid were coming true!

Verily dož my louelorn ∫elf trow wižal žat J haue not bar'd idly že clouts of my fro∫t-bitten crauings tofore žee and žat our awaiting be flowing into že mere of ∫amenne∫s too. Jf mayhap žy feelings meward be ∫till yarely aflow'r, žen J hiȝt žee to forž hundr'dfold all žat J wrate by a liue-long sweat le∫t our belieues yet a∫under us, which howebeit n'ill be marr'd in ž' end, for alway dož trožful loue wing its followers, in one of who∫e hearž and home of his bo∫om quenchle∫s dož žy name burn.

Foreuermore Žine herier, in Žhy žrall,
ʆir Ȝepardo K.

xxij of že clock vpon že ve∫per, xvij v mmxj

Vnto Natia Cxvedia∫hvili
This is the renewal of my first writ, videlicet ‘A billet-doux’ which hath already been delet'd for security reasons.

Embellisht version can be ey'd here: [link]

The speciality of this penning is that EACH OF THE WORDS within IS written in PURE ENGLISH, thus the root-words can all be found in Old English. May ye find blitheness upon reading the soothfast might of th’ English tongue!
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November 27, 2012
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